• Get A Groovy Mug

    Get A Groovy Mug

    We have lots of styles that you can add a personal message and photo to celebrate any occasion.  Or  we can use  your own design.

    A cup of tea should never be boring.

  • Vibrant Photo Displays

    A Picture With Impact

    Photo displays that make a real impact with bright, vibrant printing to really bring your image to life. 

    Our metal Displays are waterproof.  You can display your image anywhere, even in the shower!

  • Made In Brum

    Made In Birmingham!

    We're proud to be Brummies.  And us Brummies have a new flag.

    So join us, fly the flag with our customisable Brummie Flag merchandise.

  • £ 10.95

    A High Quality Pressed Wood Jigsaw Puzzle Before you can add this to your cart, you must select a picture in the Product Customisation tab below.

    £ 10.95
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  • £ 9.95

    This couldn't get anymore Bearmingham! This soft toy is cute and shows just how proud to be a Brummie we all are.

    £ 9.95
  • £ 6.50

    Celebrate your Brummie Heritage! Fly the Birmingham Flag every time you enjoy a mug of tea.

    £ 6.50
  • £ 13.95

    Create a great talking point on your desk at work or table at home. Can be printed in a landscape or portrait format. Remember to add your image using the "Customise product" tag below.

    £ 13.95
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  • £ 3.95

    A hard plastic keyring with your image printed directly on to the sufrace Measures 56mm x 56mm Before you can add this to your cart, you must select a picture in the Product Customisation tab below.

    £ 3.95
    Add to cart Customize

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Snot Monster History

How we tamed our snot monsters.

When we discovered the abandoned snot monsters in Sandwell Valley, our aim was to get them back on their feet and reintroduce them to the wild.  We had no idea that they were genetically predisposed to making personalised products. 

It's not true that we named our company after our children, who are still referred to as Snot Monsters by us, their parents.  Oh no.